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Aseel Murga Training.. kukar daily running k liye hai yah Moazam Aseel will provide evry info about aseel murga breed aseel murga fight nuskha, aseel care tips, aseel murgha fight, aseel murga food, aseel murga ilaj, aseel murga ki pehchan, aseel murga ki pehchan in urdu Hindi, aseel murga ki tayari, aseel murga ki training, aseel murga leg treatment, aseel murga medicine, aseel murga nuskha, aseel murga video, aseel murga ki training, aseel murga leg treatment, 1- Madras Aseel (Tamil local name : Kathikal peruvedai ) 2- Long Tail Parrot Beak Aseel (Tamil local name : Kilimooku visirival peruvedai) Types of Long Tail Parrot Beak Aseel Mayil Karuppu (Black and yellow), Kagam/sengaruppu (Black and red), Sevalai (Red), Karum Keeri/Senkeeri (black/red dotted), Sambal Boothi (Grey), Kokku Vellai (White) ,Noolan (white and black), Pondram (Golden brown) 3- Reza Asil 4- Kulang Asil 5- Sindhi Aseel or Sindhi Asil 6- Mianwali 7- Java Aseel 8- Amroha 9- Bantam Aseel or Bantam Asil 10- Lasani Aseel Breed

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